Prenatal Pilates

Mamas-to-be need an effective but gentle exercise programme during pregnancy. Prenatal Pilates offers the perfect combination of powerful toning exercises for the legs and arms, and gentle strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor and back muscles, to prepare you for childbirth and caring for a newborn.

Prenatal Pilates — at Wunderhaus Berlin

Belforterstrasse 8, 10405, Berlin

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Thursdays 5-6pm


Comfortable clothes, socks.

How much?

Please see the Wunderhaus website for prices

Postnatal Pilates

The body of a new mama is constantly challenged, pulled one way, pushed another, as she learns how to feed, carry, hold and rock her baby. This can be very tiring and stressful for her body, that has been weakened by pregnancy and exhausted by the demands of her newborn. If you are more than 6 weeks post-partum (or 8 weeks if you had a C-section) and have had clearance to start exercising from your doctor or midwife, then postnatal Pilates is the ideal exercise programme for you. Together we will tone your arms and legs, strengthen your core, including the deep abdominal and spinal musculature so important to pick up and lift baby, and give your pelvic floor a complete make-over!

Booking and cancellation

Because I know how difficult it is to plan ahead and sometimes just to get out of the house with a small baby, my booking and cancellation policies are different for post-natal classes: you can book or cancel a class up to the last minute. YOU NEED TO BOOK OR CANCEL ALL BOOKINGS BY EMAILING OR CALLING ME THOUGH!

PostNatal Pilates — at Footsteps Dance Studio Berlin

Heinrich-Roller-Straße 15,10405 Berlin

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Fridays 11-12am


Comfortable clothes, socks. And of course, babies welcome.

How much?

16 euros drop-in / 55 euros for 4 classes

TO BOOK: send me an email

Send an email to indicating your Name and When and Where you want to book a class.