Women dominate Pilates and classes often seem to be geared towards women, who tend to be more flexible than men and find it easier to work their core muscles. This can be intimidating and put some men completely off Pilates. But Pilates has a lot of benefits for the men who rise up to the challenge.

If you are a man and want to take up Pilates, get in touch, I can design a class for you or find a group of like-minded Pilates enthusiasts that you could join!

PLEASE NOTE: I am on maternity leave as of April 2019. Please see this post for more information.

Here are a few facts about Pilates that men might find particularly interesting:

Pilates is not easy

Pilates offers a combination of strengthening exercises, focusing on the core, and stretching exercises. This is tough, especially for men who are used to build up mass in their limbs rather than build up a strong core, and often forget to stretch.

Pilates helps you develop often neglected muscles

In Pilates we will work on the deep muscles of the spine and the deep abdominal muscles: the muscles that will help support your whole body and prevent back pain and injury.

Pilates builds core strength

In Pilates we focus on the core muscles – including the neglected muscles previously mentioned, the pelvic floor and all the trunk muscles – to give more power to the limbs.

Pilates improves flexibility

…and being more flexible improves your range of motion and prevents injury.

Pilates forces you to breathe

Because every movement is made in combination with the breath, Pilates forces you to become aware of your breath and this is extremely relaxing.

Men too need a strong pelvic floor

Women usually find out they have a pelvic floor when they get pregnant… But men have one too! and having greater control of the core and pelvic floor muscles brings lots of benefits, especially for the type of exercise we like to do in bed.

Pilates was invented by a man

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany but developed what is now known as the Pilates method in New York. He had worked as a boxer and fitness trainer and developed his own fitness training method to fight a number of chronic health conditions.