If what you need are private, personalised Pilates classes, I can come to your home or you can come to mine and together we can decide on an exercise programme for you.


One-to-one or duo classes, 60-min long, in your own home or if it’s more convenient, in my home/studio. A typical private Pilates class will include a warm-up, core-strengthening exercises, stretches for the back and legs, arm and leg strengthening exercises, spinal twists, and a warm-down.


Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm depending on availability. Classes need to be booked one week in advance.


Pilates is done on a special Pilates mat that I can provide at first (and you might want to buy one later on). Sometimes I will bring small equipment like balls, weights and fitness circles. Please wear comfortable clothes, avoiding thick elastic bands at the waist or around the chest.

How much?

Personal training:
55 euros per class / 50 euros trial class / 260 euros for 5 classes (valid 7 weeks) / 500 euros for 10 classes (valid 12 weeks).

Duo Training:
35 euros per person per class / 30 euros per person trial class /165 euros per person for 5 classes (valid 7 weeks) / 300 euros per person for 10 classes (valid 12 weeks).