What’s in a Pilates studio?

Pilates studios are wonderful places… full of weird things… and where magic happens! I am not kidding, this is a pretty accurate description of a Pilates studio.

My studio is small, so I do not have all of the weird things in it that other Pilates instructors might have. But I do have pretty awesome stuff, and what we do with it, feels like magic. All you need to do to experience it is come to Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, for a Pilates, or Postnatal rehab, session with me!

Small props

Of course I have mats, which you will spend a lot of time lying or sitting on if you come for a class with me.

But I also have plastic balls. Lots of plastic balls, of all shapes and sizes. And the most special of them all is “The Green Ball”.

The Green Ball really does do magic. It is a fascial release ball designed by Carolyne Anthony of the Center for Women’s Fitness. It has been designed especially to release the fascia around the pelvic floor and the pelvis, and it is brilliant. We use it to release other parts of the body as well, and it is just perfect to fit under the neck, or into the belly, or at the back of the ribcage.

The birth ball is another pretty amazing ball that I use a lot in Prenatal Pilates classes.

I also use cushions, weighted balls, elastic bands and yoga blocks to support and create more challenging exercises. Oh and I forget the fitness circle.


Apparatus: the Reformer

The Reformer is a machine we use to complement the work we do on the mat. It has ropes and springs and is a great way to add resistance and weight to an exercise to intensify it, or just work with more precision.

I offer Reformer training in private classes only.

My classes

Because my studio is so small, I offer mostly private classes, and a few small-group classes where I allow one person to come to the studio, while the others are online. It is not ideal, but it’s better than never being able to come to the studio…

If you’d like to give them a try, sign up here and see you on the mat!