Time to celebrate!

Spring is here, the weather is glorious, I feel like celebrating. So I am giving you the opportunity to try my small-group Prenatal Pilates classes for free.

These classes are open to 2-3 participants, and can take place online or in my studio. ONE participant only can be in the studio at a time, so we rotate to give the opportunity to everyone to come and do the class in person.

What is Prenatal Pilates

In my Prenatal Classes you will:

  • Learn how to breathe and use your breath when you exercise and to relax
  • Learn how to feel and protect your pelvic floor during pregnancy and birth, and beyond
  • Strengthen the parts of your body that need to be strong for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Stretch your body to alleviate pregnancy-related aches and pains.

Why Pilates in pregnancy?

It has been proven, exercise in pregnancy has a myriad benefits. It will help your body prepare for birth – think stretching and opening your hips and pelvis, and stretching and opening your pelvic floor to help the baby down.

It will help you sleep.

It will decrease your risk of getting gestational diabetes.

It will elevate your mood and help you forget all the nagging aches and pains of pregnancy.

Need any more reasons to join!?

Sign up now by clicking here.