Happy new year, happy new you

Happy new year! Here’s to a healthy and pain-free 2022! But to be pain-free, you know what you have to do: look after your body. And part of looking after your body is giving it movement – not any movement, but restorative, rejuvenating, rebuilding movement. Movement that heals and prevents injury. Movement that relaxes and releases. Movement that builds strength and flexibility.

Try Restorative Pilates for free

To celebrate the new year, to celebrate this new moving, reconnecting, rebuilding you, I am giving you the opportunity to try my Restorative Pilates class for free. So that you can experience at least once – you don’t have to come back if you don’t like it! – what restorative movement actually is. What feeling your deepest, most neglected muscles feels like. What breathing fully feels like. What moving without inhibition or judgement feels like.

The class is online. You don’t have to have done Pilates before to take part, in fact, it’s better if you haven’t. Come and join me. Sign up here.