Changes to class schedule this week

There will be no classes from Wednesday October 3rd until Friday October 5th APART from my Friday 12:30 class on October 5th at Yogahub, which will be taught by my colleague Savina.

To make up for it, I am giving everyone access to my last video (usually only accessible to subscribers to my Newsletter)

This great exercise to tone your gluteal muscles, aka your glutes/ buttocks/ bum/ buns (etc…) Do you know why it is important to have strong glutes? No, the answer is not “to look good in tight jeans” ;-).

Why do we need strong glutes?

Strong glutes ensure a stable pelvis and hips and a good posture. If you spend a lot of time sitting, you definitely need to strengthen your glutes, to avoid “gluteal amnesia” – that’s when the butt muscles become overstretched and weak, which can lead to postural problems and back pain. So… you know what to do!

Have a great week everyone!