The benefits of skipping Rope

Don’t skip Pilates, just skip rope

You might never have thought about it that way, but the simple skipping rope is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment there is. It is cheap, portable, fun for the whole family, and it provides tremendous fitness benefits.

Skipping rope just for 10 minutes every day will give you a good cardiovascular workout, while strengthening your upper body as well as your legs. Just try skipping and you will immediately feel it in your bum and calf muscles.

Skipping is also a great way to burn calories, with an average of 100 calories burnt in about 10 minutes of workout!

You can add skipping to any workout, to your daily stretch or morning Pilates session.

How to skip

To jump rope, all you need is a rope that’s long enough for you and well adjusted, a pair of trainers and a little bit of space.

Before you start, adjust the rope by holding the handles, stepping onto the rope and holding your forearms horizontal and out to the sides: the rope should be tight, no slack.

You can jump on both feet, one one foot, you can jump once or twice with every turn of the rope – it’s your choice. Make it fun. Jump backwards if you can.

My trick is to stare at a point in the horizon and count: it helps me focus.

And of course don’t forget to breathe… Have fun skipping![:]