Juliette S Pilates - armsI remember very well how hard it was to do ANYTHING when my daughter was a small baby… and all I wanted was to start exercising again, to get my body back into shape and stop hurting and aching so much from all the carrying and rocking and walking to get baby to sleep…

So, I have set up two new Post-natal Pilates classes for mums with small babies (not yet walking). These classes will be designed to gently get your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles working again, as well as tone your arms and legs, and of course, stretch, breathe, and relax. Because Pilates is also about taking time to slow down and relax.

For more information about the time and place of these classes please see my Post-Natal Pilates page.

Because I know that sometimes it is difficult to plan ahead with a small baby, I have altered my booking and cancellation policies: you can book and cancel up to the last minute. No stress.

Please email me to enrol before you come to your first class.

After that, please send me a message once you have decided to come and that’s all you need to do.